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  Fun Facts About Kira:

  • Grew up on the west coast.
  • Loves to fish and hike.
  • Superman is her favorite superhero.
  • Although Superman's her favorite superhero, Daredevil is a close second.
  • Catch Kira playing games and drinking a glass of Cap'n Morgans on weekends. Sometimes more than a glass is involved.
  • Cooking's her favorite past time.
  • Has a Class B CDL with Passenger Endorsement.
  • Wants to drive STARSET around to their concerts. :)
  • Went to college for Music Theory.
  • Believes drawing and writing is therapy.
  • Wants to move back to Oregon to open a pizza and beer shop.
  • Plays video games.
  • Loves Siberian Huskies.
  • Wants super powers so she can make the world a better place.
  • Is a total nerd. (If you hadn't already guessed that)


Kira writes to create a fantasy world in which to exist until she's beamed back to her home world of Oregon. Or until Superman rings her doorbell and asks her to fly away with him on an adventure that may, or may not, include the Tardis. Whichever comes first.  Wherever she lands, writing will always be her passion.


contemporary suspenseful romance

kira hillins